Advanced Marketing Services

Additional support to increase book and author awareness

In addition to the standard marketing support offered by Libri, our authors have the opportunity to engage an external marketing coach. This is a trusted partner with comprehensive experience in marketing communications and vast knowledge of the book publishing industry.  This partner is available to support authors in promoting their books to end consumers and further raising their visibility and professional reputation among readers.

After signing up for the package (a new contract, and fees will apply), the author will engage in five individual, online one-hour sessions with the marketing coach, during which the author and the coach will work together to develop a three-month marketing plan for the author to implement on his or her own platforms, which might include:

  • A content marketing plan (what content to publish on which channel and when, including social media, blog/website and email);
  • A plan for a digital downloadable gift (such as a free first chapter, a checklist, etc.) to support subscription list growth and to raise book awareness;
  • An influencer outreach list (whom to connect with to introduce the book, recommend it, and/or suggest an interview or guest blogging);
  • A plan for any author-organised events (such as a book launch, reading/signing, speaking gigs);
  • An advertising plan adapted to the author’s budget. 

The coach can also provide step-by-step guidance on how to set up social media accounts, how to publish and schedule posts, and how to set up online ad campaigns. 

Is this for you?

Are you published by Libri and interested in further promoting your book, increasing your visibility and strengthening your reputation among your audience? Do you need strategic guidance on what to do and which resources to use?

If you are happy to write your own blogs and create your own social media posts (once you’ve learned how to), or if you have someone who can do that for you, but would still like to receive expert guidance, then this service is for you.

Interested in learning more?   Contact us or download this explanatory leaflet for more details.