A book is funded by an investment based on potential sales by the publisher and/or by author contribution.  For a new author their contribution is likely to be the main source, but there are other ways to help fund the book.

We are here to help you through the process of seeking funding and will be happy to work with you to maximise your opportunities for financial support.

Other Funding Sources


Some of our authors have been very successful in raising funds from businesses and other organisations that were willing to support a book because it was on a subject that was important to them.


Crowdfunding – where people collect donations to cover all or some of the costs of a new venture – has become a legitimate option for writers who want their books published.

You need to research your costs and decide how much to ask for (including crowdfunding sites fees). You also need to specify what the donor gets in return for their donation – for example a hard copy of the book for £X or an e-book for £Y.

We recommend that you include a brief synopsis of your book on the crowdfunding sites project page explaining what your book’s about and provide links to sample chapters or images. We’re happy to work with you to produce the project page, but you will need to maintain your own social media presence.

As with all money raising exercises you need to start with the people you know. If you can get these people excited about your book then they will spread the word to their contacts.

To find out more we recommend that you investigate some crowd-funding sites to see if this is the right approach for you.

Popular crowdfunding sites: