Partner Publishing Prices

Every book is different – prices are influenced by costs and these will vary according to book size, illustrations, number of pages, finish and print run.  As a rough guide standard books will require an author contribution in the region of £2,500 – £5,000, but we will be able to give you an accurate costing when we’ve received the book proposal.

The author’s contribution to the costs will vary depending on the commercial potential of the book.  A title with a significant and accessible potential readership will require less initial investment from the author than one with a more limited appeal.

A portion of partner projects may be liable to VAT.  Any quotes for partner publishing will include any VAT liability which can be claimed back by the author if registered for VAT.  The amount of  VAT chargeable ranges from 0% to 4.36% of the total contribution.  More information on this is available for potential partners.

The cost includes all the stages of publication from the original submission to production of the book and marketing support*.  As its name suggests, partner publishing is a partnership between the author and the publisher.  The venture is not financially successful for either party if the books do not sell.  We will continue to work with you to maximise sales after publication.

*  Libri Publishing is now offering the ADVANCED MARKETING SERVICES package to provide additional support.

As an author you will receive up to 25 copies of the book for personal distribution and review.  Further copies will be available at a discount of up to 39.5% of the cover price.  See Libri Publishing for a full list of author discounts.

You will earn royalties on the net income from the sale of your books.

Hardback editions are available subject to negotiation.

For the Record Prices

Again, this will vary according to the type of book required, but the broad price range is between £750 and £1,200.

The cost includes all the stages of publication from the original submission to production of the book. Books that call for a cover design and significant editorial support will be towards the higher end of the price range.

You will receive 25 copies of the book. Further copies or hardback editions will be available subject to negotiation.


A book is funded by an investment based on potential sales by the publisher and/or by author contribution.  For a new author their contribution is likely to be the main source, but there are other ways to help fund the book.

* Sponsorship – Businesses and other organisations can be willing to support a book on a subject that is important to them.

* Crowdfunding – You can collect donations on-line by using crowd-funding sites. T his has become a popular option for writers who want their books published. As with all money raising exercises you need to start with the people you know.  If you can get these people excited about your book then they will spread the word to their contacts.

We are here to help you through the process of seeking funding and are happy to work with you to maximise your opportunities for financial support.