For the Record works with you to publish books that are not intended for retail. Not every author writes to produce a best seller. Sometimes it is enough to have a professionally produced record of an event, an item of local history or someone’s life story to keep as a permanent record and to distribute amongst friends and family.

If you choose to take this route then your book will be finished to the same high quality as all our other books, but, because it is not intended for sale, there will be no marketing or related costs. We can offer additional design or editorial support should you want it, but we are happy to publish the book exactly as you have laid it out if that is your preference.

What We Do

Although For the Record books are not intended for retail, we are keen that they are produced to the same high quality as all our other titles. This means that time will be taken to check that there are no errors in the text and that the final page lay-up presents your book in an attractive and professional manner.

Our standard service involves the following:

  1. Copy-editing: this is done to catch all the errors and inconsistencies in the text, including spelling and punctuation.
  2. Creating the Book Cover: using your chosen image we will work with you to ensure that the cover works well for the book.
  3. Design & Lay-up (Typesetting): using your text and images we will turn the manuscript into page proofs ready for printing.
  4. Proofing: once we have prepared everything for publication we will send you the final proofs for your approval.

Please note that we will require text in Word documents and any images should be no less than 300dpi.

We can also offer the following additional services if required:

  1. Structural Editing: this involves working with you on the content of the book. We can help you with everything from the book’s structure to its narrative style.
  2. Ghost Writing: if you feel that your writing style does not do justice to the subject, then we can provide the text based on your notes. Please note that this can be quite expensive as it requires a lot of time and dialogue.

If you think this could be of interest please tell us about your book FTR at You and Your Book.

You and Your Book

Please contact us with details of your requirements –

  • book size;
  • number of illustrations;
  • colour or black and white;
  • number of words;
  • number of pages;
  • how many books you require …
  • … and if you are likely to need additional support.

We will get back to you to discuss how we can help and to provide you with an estimate of the cost. There is no commitment from you at this stage.

We ask that you submit a completed Book Proposal form

Book Proposal

    Here you can find our book proposal