Bryony Fairview: Weather Witch is a book about magic, adventure, courage and friendship where two newly found friends have to try and save both their lands (and the world!) from the wild storms that are coming.   When Ellie finds a very upset and grumpy Weather Witch called Bryony in her garden, she is eager to find out why she is there and what her problem is.   Little does Ellie know how deeply involved she will become in Bryony’s world and how the meeting will eventually lead to a secret buried deep within her own past.

Children are becoming increasingly aware of the threats to the environment and for the need to take decisive action to save Planet Earth.   Through the medium of magic and storytelling Bryony Fairview: Weather Witch deals with the challenge facing us all.

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About the author:

Rebecca Burke – Though Rebecca’s background is more science based, having studied Sports Therapy and worked with the young physically disabled, she has always had a very big imagination and love for faery folklore and nature. When Rebecca relocated to Ireland nearly nine years ago she was able to let her imagination run wild and when her two daughters were born they became her inspiration for writing children’s books.

Rebecca started writing The Weather Witch when climate change became a prominent feature of the news. She feels it is important for children to know and understand about the world and climate change and it is equally important to make them feel empowered and heard – knowing they have the ability to change the world. Positive language – positive thoughts!

Illustrator – Chris Burke: After a lifetime of service, initially in the Defence Forces and then in the Civil Service, Chris discovered his creative side in retirement. He had had his artwork displayed in several exhibitions before being approached about The Weather Witch. As a Grandfather of six, he jumped at the chance to illustrate his first children’s book. He has thoroughly enjoyed channelling the magic of his grandchildren into these illustrations.