“Dug is my grandad. Dug is a big man. Dug has a big beard. Dug wears a big pair of glasses. I love Dug BUT… Dug is a big fibber. Dug is the BIGGEST fibber who ever lived.”

DUG, in the vein of Walliams, Pullman and Dahl shows how adults can get stuck in their own narrative and do not recognise their children’s progress in the world.   The amazing, funny and slightly terrifying stories Dug told to his 3-year-old grandson do not stand up to the scrutiny of the 8-year-old child he is now and does, in fact become a big embarrassment!   Even though friends, new to the tales Dug relates find him entertaining, it does his grandson’s street cred no good at all.   A cautionary tale – told from the child’s eye – relationships change and adults should recognise and grow with the change.

This is a grandad/grandchild tale with a difference.

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About the author:


Steve Roberts – Author: I’ve written for stage, screen and politicians, but my main qualification for writing Dug is that I’m a grandfather … and we’re a weird lot.   As a father working long hours in the 1980s involvement with my own children was limited.   I could usually remember birthdays and names (though my youngest claims I once called her ‘that little dark-haired kid’), but many stages of their growing up were largely missed.   My involvement with my children’s children has been much more extensive.    As a grandad, without much experience of the world of little people, I have had to make it up as I go along and do my best to draw from an under-stocked palette … with varying levels of success.   Dug is not autobiographical … much.

Lisa Dunkley – Illustrator: My career to date has involved education and art in a number of settings including community and adult education, specialist design projects for the visually impaired and props and stage set designs.   I have adored being creative from a very young age, interested in texture, character, beauty, and patterns within nature, and play in everyday life.   Seeing, and creating artwork is a real therapy to the senses.   Along with taking part in a community choir, yoga, swimming, painting and drawing plays an important part of my life.   My children are a huge part of my inspiration, aiding me with quirky ideas!