This book stands out from the crowd in providing a fresh original perspective on the relatively underexplored area of a leader’s reputation. Reputation is a consequence of everything you say or do and no other tangible or intangible asset is worth as much as your reputation or has such a positive or detrimental impact on your career.  Many studies reveal that we care more about what other people think about us than we do about what may have actually happened in reality, and yet there is so little written about the subject. This book gets to grips with how our reputation is formed in the real world and what really makes the difference in winning a good reputation and in losing a good reputation.

The book uncovers the impact of the ‘secret vocabulary’ used in organizations to shape reputations, and offers tips and advice about how to take control and manage your reputation, and how to develop a personal brand to shape your future career direction with integrity and authenticity.

Dr Richard Ford is one of the UK’s leading leadership coaching and assessment psychologists, who has helped hundreds of senior leaders and potential leaders to develop successful careers, and now Dr Ford shares 35 years of learning about what really happens to help you achieve career success.

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About the author:

Dr Richard Ford is one of the pioneers of corporate business psychology in the UK as he was a founding partner of the corporate psychology consultancy, Psychological Consultancy Services Ltd (PCS) in 1983, when there were barely 10 private practices of corporate business psychologists in the UK.   As one of the UK’s leading leadership coaching and assessment psychologists, Richard has helped hundreds of senior leaders to develop successful careers in over 20 countries.   Richard graduated with an MA Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh, and then studied part-time to gain an MSc in Applied Psychology and a PhD in Occupational Psychology from the University of Wales.   Richard is also a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Principal Member of the Association of Business Psychologists, Member of the Association for Coaching, and a Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.