A real-life success story of overcoming adversity coupled with a unique Mind/Body training programme, LONE W.O.L.F is aimed at the 35+ age group who want to combat age-related changes, sports men and women looking for an edge in their respective fields, people who despise the gym and want a home workout, weight loss groups, sports rehabilitation and back-pain sufferers.
Not all exercise classes are created equal. SUPER-AGER, the central programme of LONE W.O.L.F, is the only one of its kind to be endorsed by The Yoga Alliance and hosted at the world’s top spas. The mind and body exercises are achievable and there really is no better way to improve focus, get fit, lose weight and slow the ageing clock.
SUPER-AGER is the gateway to:
• Getting your body to a place where you can feel more confident about yourself.
• Lowering your biological age to improve weight loss with doable exercises.
• Increasing your mobility, flexibility and strength, to combat age-related changes.
• Multidisciplinary training (physical and psychological) to reduce chronic back pain.

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About the author:

Wayne Lèal has trained world champion athletes, captains of industry, and has been an influential guest speaker at many of the world’s top spas. He might look like someone in his early thirties, but he is a 60-year-old grandfather who destroys age stereotypes by practising what he preaches. He has at some time or another injured virtually every major joint in his body and has a very real and intense passion for what he does – to guide people in addressing health and fitness issues and moving forward with their lives.
His training methodology has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Standard, Metro, and Sun newspapers and on the BBC news and Sky television.