Missing is the story of two brothers lost in two different theatres of war. The story of two ordinary local lads and their extraordinary contribution to the war effort.

Harry was a bomber command pilot in 1939-40. At a time when the fighter squadrons were rightly earning the gratitude of a nation, Harry and his colleagues were carrying out no less a service in their efforts to halt the advance of the German war machine across Europe. Harry carried out observation and bombing missions against army and navy targets in France and Norway. William, the older brother had joined the Royal Artillery in 1930. After periods of duty in Aden and Hong Kong he was transferred to Singapore in 1939. When the Japanese launched their ‘impossible’ attack on the jewel in Britain’s far eastern crown William was there waiting for them … but not from the direction they came…

Hidden amongst the big stories of World War Two are countless smaller ones, that are no less significant to those affected, but are easy for us to overlook. A glass blower and a chemist in their civilian lives, William and Harry Warman were not close. They lived separate lives and fought in separate services but shared a similar fate. Under-equipped and under-prepared they faced two powerful enemies and paid the ultimate price.

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About the author:

David James Parker has been interested in history, military in particular, from an early age. He became involved in this this story some forty years ago when he was given a Royal Air Force jacket that belonged to Harry Warman. He had learnt a few facts about Harry from his father who had been at school when Harry was killed. David started collecting items of militaria at ten years old when he found some medals in a bin. He has been giving talks about the First and Second World Wars for a number of years, using his extensive collections to illustrate these.

David served in the Royal Observer Corps for twelve years before joining the Army Cadet Force as an instructor. He has had a few magazine articles published but this is his first venture into writing a book. He is a local chimney sweep, well known in his area. This leads him to meet a vast number of interesting people who are pleased to share their stories with him. He also gets to see many historic cottages and larger houses.