With nearly 600 years of history, involving plots, intrigue and paranormal activity, it is surprising that no one has ever before written the definitive history of the Rye House in Hertfordshire. The Rye House – An Investigative History aims to do just that. Through meticulous research, Phil Holland has written this fascinating account, taking the reader from the House’s fifteenth-century origins, through to Tudor times when Catherine Parr spent part of her childhood there; to the Rye House Plot of 1683 – a plan to assassinate King Charles II and the Duke of York; to the widely reported paranormal activity and apparitions; and finally to the present day. The Gatehouse is all that now remains of the fifteenth-century brick-built fortified manor. It is a Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument and as such is protected by law. The Moated Enclosure is considered to be one of the finest examples of the period in Hertfordshire.
It is hoped that this book will enthuse people about the Gatehouse and the history of the Rye House, and that they in turn will come to treasure the building and recognise its importance as a piece of our country’s history.

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About the author:

With a passion for both natural history and history, Phil Holland has worked as a hedgerow/habitat management contractor for 25 years and with the Lee Valley Park Ranger team on a part-time basis for the past 10 years. He first became involved with the Rye House Gatehouse in 2013 and from this beginning his interest in the building’s history has developed. His diligent research into the history of the Rye House is testimony to his enthusiasm for the building and his love of history.