Libri is an established independent publisher keen to encourage new writers.

Partner Publishing provides a new author with the full support of an established publishing house.  All our books are produced to the highest standard and marketed to readers across the world using our network of UK and international agents.

Partner Publishing enables us to take the risk of publishing new authors because you share the cost of publication.  As with an experienced author, we will work alongside you through all the stages of publication from manuscript editing to sales to ensure the best possible results.  Partner Publishing does not end with publication … book sales are important to us all, so our work with you is ongoing.

We want titles that can add to Libri’s reputation – these books will feature in our catalogue, on our website and on all our routes to market alongside existing authors.

Mindful of the high standard already set by our authors, partner publishing proposals will be selected for publication on the basis of their strength as a piece of writing. All new book proposals (see below) are discussed at our editorial board who decide how things will be taken forward.

If we feel a book proposal has potential we will offer a ‘partnership contract’ that includes a contribution, to be paid by the author, and the royalty rate that they will receive on net sales.

If you are looking to produce a book for personal reasons (for example, a family history or a record of an event), but are not looking to market this to the public then you should visit For the Record.

What We Do

We work with our authors to design, publish and market their books.

Once a book proposal is agreed by the editorial board, we will submit a draft contract to you and appoint a commissioning editor who will work with you throughout the following process:

PRE-PUBLICATION  including Structural Edit, Proofing, Design and Layup

GOING TO PRESS  Proofed manuscripts are sent for printing.  The size of the print run will be decided based on advance sales and market research.

SALES & MARKETING  Your book will be marketed alongside all our titles by existing authors.  We will develop a marketing plan with you which includes

* Identifying routes to the target market(s)

* Issuing an ISBN for the book

* Cover design

* Catalogue description for our marketing agents and resellers

* Page on Libri’s website

* Press release(s)

* Review requests

* Promotional material such as flyers, banners or posters (if required)

* Marketing guidance for authors

Authors wishing to further invest in their marketing can now sign up for additional services with a trusted external partner.

Find out more about Advanced Marketing Services

ROYALTIES – Royalties are payable on the net receipts from book sales.  The rates for royalties will vary depending on the volume of sales and the level of author contribution.

You and Your Book

Publishing a book is a big enterprise. It’s important that you are clear about what you want to achieve; why you wrote it and who you hope will read it.

If you are an expert in your field, or have a passion for a cause, then there will be people who need or want the information you can provide. Your book doesn’t have to be factual; you could have a great story that could make an excellent novel or short-story.

We are happy to look at any book idea that we feel is strong enough to be published. Our commitment is to review, to advise and to work with you through the full publishing process.

All authors – new or existing – need to put a lot of effort and determination into promoting their book once it is published. We will work with you and provide help all the way through this process, but don’t underestimate the commitment required of the author.

The first step: the book proposal. This gives us information about yourself, your book and the likely readership. We ask that you submit a completed Book Proposal form along with a synopsis of your book and some sample chapters.

Book Proposal

    Here you can find our book proposal for fiction and book proposal for non-fiction